A very bare bones experimental "game" that tests the patience of would be perverts that would like to have a little peek. (The cheat will most likely only work with desktop browsers).


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Because of the problems encountered with running the previously published Windows version, I have converted it to now be an online HTML5 web browser "game".

Crashes on start up.  Just a white screen.

@Mokais - Please try this new uploaded version (14/06/2017). If it
still doesn't work, please provide more details like your system specs
and what you have attempted to get it working.

Its weird but it no longer crashes when it starts.  It does it when you right click and stays a white screen.  I got windows 10, have direct x, and 64 bit.  Got 6 G ram and an intel processor.  Tried running it in Windows 7 and * compatibility with Admin.

Does this mean it now works for you until you use right click?

I've uploaded another version (15/06/2017) that attempts to resolve the issue reported.  I can't think of anything else so this will probably the last version I'll try to fix. Sorry if you still have problems using this.